Autobiographical Art: Victor Cicansky

Autobiographical Art: Victor Cicansky

 Who says autobiographical works need to be written and formally published?

If you take an autobiographical approach to creating art, you might like the work of professional Canadian sculptor and avid gardner, Victor Cicansky.

Cicansky's series of playful autobiographical reference books sculpted from clay allude to personality traits or phases of his personal life and artistic career.

He uses gardening as a metaphor for a fertile creative mind and explains “The source of my work is the garden of the mind. It’s a place that goes beyond soil, plants and insects. It’s a rough and wild place where ideas grow and hybridize. It’s a garden that provides me with a rich source of ideas that I fashion into a universe of personal expression.”

The Garden of Art, ©2005 Victor Cicansky

I'm entranced by the detail. As if filled with real paper.

No need for a notebook when you can sculpt one out of clay.

Does your work define you?

How will you leave your mark?

Victor Cicansky's work is part of the Gardiner Museum's permanent collection, Canada's National Sculpture Museum in Toronto

Make sure to stop by the museum boutique they carry a selection of my handstitched cards!

To learn more about Victor Cicansky, his life and work visit Studio Ceramics Canada. Do keep an eye out for my quote on his work.

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