Molotow ONE4ALL and Posca acrylic paint marker swatches on black paper

This Swatch Life: Molotow vs. Posca

Acrylic paint markers are a convenient and easy to use alternative to tubes, jars or spray.

Posca markers have been making the rounds.

But have you heard of Molotow ONE4ALL acrylic paint pens.

Advertised as "scratch and abrasion-resistant", I first picked up Molotow's Liquid Chrome mirror effect marker as a low-odor, alcohol-based alternative to Pilot Super Color silver.

Molotow have a wide range of colours, nib sizes and colour sets to choose from and advertises its options as the most sustainable paint pen with 72+ refillable, mixable colours and components.

Acrylic paint markers are easy to use; shake vigorously, uncap, pump the nib until the paint flows through the felt tip and spills onto the page.

I swatched colours from Molotow and Posca on extra smooth black Fabriano drawing paper to test quality of the paint, colour and shade comparisons.

An immediate winner emerged : Molotow!

Deliciously juicy and consistent opaque coverage!

Pro tip: when working with acrylic paint pens choose a slightly thicker nib, at least 1.5 mm, to minimize scratchiness, or thinning while sketching.

I also paired the paint pens with Molotow's black fineliners in various sizes (opaque, waterproof, archival, etc) for extra flair. 

Due to the smooth tactile experience you can quickly work up designs and fill full pages without thinking.

Molotow paint markers and fineliners have quickly become my go-tos for daily sketching and keeping my creative pulse alive.

They work equally well on light or dark paper, including Large or Pocket-sized Handstitched recycled cotton rag notebooks

Stay creative!

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