Go bold with Black Sketchbook Paper

Go bold with Black Sketchbook Paper

 I love the contrast of bold colour on a dark background. Experimenting with black paper makes the colours pop!

Due to colour theory and physical properties of light most colours tends to get absorbed into black.

Regular pencil crayons and paint are meant for lighter coloured paper and pop on white or off white canvases!

There are a few ways to ensure bold colour on black paper!

Some of my favourites I've experimented with over the years :

- Acryla/Gouache paint

- Faber Castell Black Edition pencil crayons

- Gel pens and ink

- Pilot Metallic Super Color

- and much more...

I encourage you to experiment with different mixed mediums to find your favourite effects and combinations!

Buy cotton rag black paper sketchbooks here!

A bouquet of pencil crayons
Black cotton rag paper and art materials
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